Our Teachers


Debbie Roll

Our dedicated, qualified, Director and full time teachers are Montessori trained and have worked at the school for 4 – 26 years. They are nurturing, encourage creativity, and teach each child to progress at their own individual pace. They are CPR and First Aid certified. We offer regular Teacher/Parent conferences.

The Role of the Teacher

The function of the teacher in a Montessori classroom differs considerably from that of the traditional teacher, hence, Dr. Montessori used the term “Directress.” The directress brings children into contact with the world in which they live and the tools by which they learn to cope with the world. She is, first of all, a very keen observer of the individual interests and needs of each child; her daily plan proceeds from her observations rather than from a prepared curriculum. She demonstrates the correct use of materials as they are individually chosen by the children, carefully watches the progress and keeps a record of their work. Individual children’s total development as well as their progress toward self-discipline is carefully guided by the directress, who prepares the environment, directs the activities, and offers each child enticement and stimulation. The mutual respect of the student and the teacher-guide is the most important factor in this process.