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Covid 19 Policy

We take the health and safety procedures from the LA Department of Public Health, CDC, Community Care Licensing and Cal-OSHA very seriously and have increased cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, and frequent hand washing. We have implemented a drop-off and pick-up procedure to ensure the safety of your child and our staff. Our main priority is to ensure children are safe, healthy and learning in a developmentally appropriate environment.

Our low student to teacher ratio in each class provides each child with an individual learning program in an enjoyable and stimulating, prepared environment.

Applying Montessori Principles at Home

Teach your child with real things. Take time to show the child how to handle things with care. They will be far more capable than you realize.

Allow your child time to do a task without hurrying. The child needs to repeat activities often even after it appears to be mastered. See that your child has much choice over their own activities and learning. They can’t live up to their potential unless there is opportunity for independent work.

When teaching a small child, slow down your movements. Use as few words as possible.

Montessori School of Agoura
Montessori School of Agoura

When you want to teach your preschooler a new skill, break it down into small, precise steps.

Cultivate the art of not helping your child whenever they can do a task for themself. “Any unnecessary aid is a hindrance to learning,” commented Dr. Montessori decades ago.

Don’t insist that your child try a new activity if they aren’t interested. Don’t persist on making them stick to learning a task when they don’t want to.

Whenever possible, arrange your home so that your child can manage on their own. This includes low shelves for books and toys, low hooks and rods for clothes, appropriate food located on lower shelves in refrigerator and pantry, etc.

Make discipline interesting—“Let’s see how quietly you can close the door…”

When your child finishes a task, don’t redo it the “correct” way when your child is watching.

Montessori School of Agoura