Extracurricular Enrichment

Daily Enrichment

The following daily enrichment classes are included in our regular Montessori programs:


Yoga is a positive discipline that improves coordination, muscle control, and concentration while increasing physical fitness.


Students learn conversational Spanish in 30-minute lessons that combine games with learning.

Gardening Club

The school gardens enable students to care for other living things while learning ecological principles and enjoying nature.

American Sign Language

ASL is taught to each class with songs that make learning a new language fun and interesting.  This also encourages a longer attention span, fine motor control, and builds self esteem.


Our music lessons include rhythm, singing, and instruments.

Private Enrollment Classes

These additional classes are available for current Montessori students and non-Montessori students through private enrollment:

Amazing Athletes

This fun-filled program incorporates physical fitness, muscle tone, and gross motor skills through baseball, volleyball, basketball, and other sports.


Children practice coordination and physical fitness with a variety of dance styles such as ballet, hip-Hop, jazz, and others. 

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