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Our year round program is offered to children 2 through 6 years of age, including a combined Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten age class. Each class includes children within a two-year age range. Montesssori trained, qualified teachers lead classrooms equipped with Montessori materials enabling each child to progress at his own true pace with no arbitrary limitations or restrictions due to age.

Preschool Program

Montessori School of Agoura
Montessori School of Agoura

The Preschool program is designed for children 2 to 5 years.

Children come to us with a variety of previous childcare experiences, from in home childcare providers, childcare centers, or stay at home parents. Regardless of their previous experiences, our team of preschool teachers helps with the total development of your child, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. We understand that children are unique and are at different stages of development, so our objective is not to compare their abilities with one another, but to observe their interests and build their individualized lesson plans around them. Thus, at the end of their preschool years they have mastered what they like to do and achieved what they need to know to proceed.

A typical preschool day consists of work and play. Play can be indoor/outdoor/or going to the park and is done early morning, before lunch and after afternoon snack.

Work time is used for learning and exploring the different activities within the prepared environment, which includes Exercise of Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Writing, Science, Art, Story time, Music and Movement, Geography and Spanish.

Kindergarten Program

Montessori School of Agoura
Montessori School of Agoura

Our Montessori combined Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten program is designed for children 4 1/2 – 6 years old. We offer the kindergarten program to students who wish to continue the Montessori schooling through kindergarten. The program helps them to master their interest in math, reading and writing before they move into Kindergarten or 1st grade in public and private elementary schools.  Students may remain until their 7th birthday.  Many children have graduated and are excelling in public school in Math, Writing, Reading and Spelling Bees and many of these graduates are in accelerated programs in public schools.

Listed below are examples of the lessons that are taught, which are the same as in Preschool. The lessons are expanded and children are given more detail and are able to learn more in-depth.

Summer School at Montessori

Along with the usual “summer camp” activities of arts and crafts, water play and special guests, Montessori School of Agoura offers the complete Montessori curriculum for ages 2 through 6 years. The classrooms are fully stocked with traditional Montessori materials from the Pink Tower that teaches concepts of small and large, to the Metal Insets that help young hands develop muscles needed for writing, to the Golden Beads material that can be used for learning 4-digit numbers and eventually addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a very concrete, fun way. Also available are Geography, Science, History, Practical Life, and Art activities.

Montessori School of Agoura
Montessori School of Agoura

The children are grouped in multi-age classrooms so they are able to teach each other and learn from each other in a setting similar to that which they will encounter in real life. Because the children are given freedom of choice within limits, they are able to concentrate on areas of interest and become proficient before moving on.

A typical day of Summer School begins at 9:00 with circle time. Following is the work period, including snack time, then recess and lunch. Afternoon consists of “summer camp” activities that vary according to the weekly theme. The school day ends at 3 p.m. Part-time schedules are also available, as well as child care before and after school.

Extra-Curricular Enrichment Classes

A daily enrichment class is included in our Montessori program, including Spanish, American Sign Language, Music and more. Karate, Amazing Athletes and Piano are offered for private enrollment.

Montessori School of Agoura