Montessori Summer School

Mixed Age Group — 2 through 6 years

We understand that each student is unique and at different stages of development, so we don’t compare abilities or encourage competition. Rather, we observe each child’s interests and build individualized lesson plans around them. When summer ends, they’ll have mastered their curriculum and be confident in taking the next steps of their educational journey.

Our Montessori Summer School

Our summer school offers summer camp activities and the complete Montessori curriculum for children 2 through 6 years. Our classrooms are fully stocked with traditional Montessori materials, including metal insets that develop hand muscles, and beads that teach 4-digit numbers and math operations. Students also explore topics in geography, science, history, practical life, and art.

Children are grouped in multi-age classrooms so they can learn from each other in a setting similar to those they will encounter in real life. Because children are given freedom of choice within limits, they can concentrate on topics that interest them and become proficient before moving on.

A typical day begins at 9:00 a.m. with circle time. Following is the work period, snack time, then recess and lunch. Afternoon consists of “summer camp” activities that vary according to the weekly theme. The school day ends at 3 p.m. Part-time schedules are also available, as well as childcare before and after school.

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