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How Montessori Preschool Builds Great Leaders

Montessori preschool in Agoura Hills is more than traditional education in a private school setting. Your child will learn how to tie their shoes, distinguish between shapes, colors, letters, and numbers, but they will also develop leadership skills as they build a powerful suite of foundational skills.

At the Montessori School of Agoura, leadership belongs to a larger set of skills for healthy childhood development. Per the Montessori method developed by the acclaimed Dr. Maria Montessori, leadership contributes towards the ultimate goal of holistically developing the whole child.  

Montessori preschools build responsibility and self-regulation

Authentic Montessori preschools use student-led and hands-on activities to further education. Unlike traditional schooling, Montessori schooling encourages students to take charge of their learning instead of looking towards their teachers as authority figures. 

Students approach each curriculum unit and discipline from their own unique perspective, taking on unfamiliar and abstract topics with a concrete learning process. This helps students learn abstract concepts in a tangible way that helps them quickly achieve mastery. With each successfully completed activity and learned topic, students strengthen responsibility and self-regulation.

Montessori preschools build confidence

Montessori preschools help children find the best methods to develop their education in all disciplines, from math to language, science, and even culture. Students build confidence as they progress through new topics, especially Practical Life. A topic that might be a minor part of traditional schooling, Practical Life guides students through self-care including cooking and cleaning. Every completed meal, cleaned table, and buttoned coat is a step up in confidence that they can rely on themselves and provide for others. 

Montessori preschools improve problem-solving and creativity 

The Montessori method acknowledges that each student has a unique pathway to learning. There are countless ways to learn, and each student can discover what works best when they’re given the reins to their schooling. They work towards developmental milestones that are fostered by creativity and encouraged exploration. All children are born with an innate curiosity that leads them to new discoveries and challenges. With support from teachers and family, they can overcome challenges with the solution that’s best for them and others.

Montessori preschools build empathy

At Montessori preschool, your child will develop empathy for their peers, community, and the environment. Every person can contribute positively to society, and your local Montessori school wants each student to recognize the change they can contribute. Students are invited to reflect on their relationship with the classroom and how they can keep it clean and functional. They also reflect on how they can help their classmates and others, with respect for different ideas and abilities.

No matter the path your child takes, the Montessori method will help them reach success with leadership built through strong self-regulation, confidence, creativity, and empathy. This is part of Dr. Montessori’s goal, to develop children into their best selves.

Montessori Preschool in Agoura Hills

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