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How Music and Movement Supports Your Montessori Kindergartener’s Development

Your child’s education is anything but traditional at Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills, where the curriculum includes music and movement. Not only for enjoyment and exercise, these two learning areas intertwine to support your child’s development in language, mobility, and focus. Though signing, dancing, playing instruments, and building rhymes, your child will have fun while learning.

Music enhances your child’s language development 

The right music can help your child pick up language quicker than sticking to standard reading. Songs with plenty of lyrics can increase your child’s vocabulary, and those with rhyming verses and changing tones and pitches can expand your child’s understanding of the nuances of language. Your child can also pick up different pronunciations and enunciations. In a Montessori school, song choices also include foreign languages from major countries to broaden your child’s worldview.

Music develops your child’s motor skills through dance

Where there is music is often movement, and your child might find themselves dancing along to upbeat rhythms. Or they might follow choreography alongside their classmates, learning how to time and coordinate movements. Some dances might focus on balance, requiring your child to hop on each foot and wave their arms in particular ways. Other dances might be to songs with instructive lyrics that tell your child what to do, whether they throw a left arm in the air or criss-cross their feet.

Music and movement can be encouraged at home

Your child’s Montessori education continues outside of the classroom’s prepared environment. At home, encourage your child to listen to and appreciate music by providing them with a variety of songs. You can play music in their playroom or schedule a dance time that you can join for family fun. If your child doesn’t like dancing, you can still encourage them to keep moving by keeping their environment dynamic.

A dynamic environment includes hands-on learning tools like a tray of kinetic sand your child can trace letters and numbers into, puzzles that illustrate academic concepts, science kits, memory matching games, and more. In addition, your child can keep moving with household chores like washing vegetables and cooking under adult supervision. There are plenty of ways to keep your child’s brain active and learning.

Montessori School of Agoura — Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills 

When music and movement fill your child’s learning environment, they develop strong language, motor, and focus skills. At Montessori of Agoura, your child’s education will be holistic, covering academic topics and paving a road of emotional and physical development.

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