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Montessori 101: What is a Prepared Environment?

The Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills honors the research of the acclaimed Dr. Maria Montessori, who transformed education with her observations. She found it crucial to provide students with a prepared environment that lets them grow independently of adults. This turns the classroom into an education tool itself, and Montessori parents often adopt the same principle at home to support their child’s early development.

Defining the Montessori prepared environment

The prepared environment is purposely designed for easy access to a variety of activities. Students have freedom of movement and are only limited by their curiosity and imagination. These environments are comfortable for students, and encourage them to investigate on their own.

Children are put first in the prepared environment

Montessori schools are a safe space for students to learn, surrounded by child-sized furniture and age-appropriate activities that small hands can reach. This promotes independence by attracting children to self-correcting educational materials. In this space, children are the regular occupants and adults are mere visitors.

The prepared environment accommodates the Absorbent Mind

During a child’s early years, their minds are highly absorbent. Their experience of the world is limited, so they soak up everything they experience. A properly designed Montessori classroom accommodates their absorbent minds and broadens their horizons, encouraging their curiosity.

Additionally, you won’t find references to mainstream fads and publicized characters in Montessori schools. These references can negatively affect learning in a child’s early years. Instead, children focus on developing their academic, physical, and social skills in a practical manner.

Creating a prepared environment at home

To support their child’s Montessori education, parents often create a learning room or section at home with learning tools that promote fine motor control and critical thinking. They also upgrade their kitchen to include child-friendly kitchen utensils and tools so their child can do household activities. This gives children a sense of independence and belonging, and develops them for the future.

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