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A Montessori Approach to Your Kindergartener’s Sleep

Regardless whether your child attends a public kindergarten or Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills, they can become irritable without enough rest. Research also shows that well-rested children have a better experience in school and throughout the day. Although Dr. Maria Montessori didn’t set sleep guidelines for Montessori schools, she emphasized the needs of children above all, making sleep an important part of supporting the Montessori method.

Your child requires different hours of sleep as they grow 

Through infancy and the toddler years, your child will need about 10 hours a day. From preschool through high school, your child will need the traditional 8 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, each child is unique and has their own sleep requirements that might be more or less than the norm. Montessori preschool students often have a nap in the middle of the day, while a Montessori kindergarten will shed the nap to spend more time exploring.

Help your child sleep more thoroughly with a bedtime routine

The easiest way to fall asleep is to follow a routine. Your child’s body will acclimate and know when to begin prepping for lights out. A sleep routine sets an approximate time for brushing and flossing teeth, getting into bed, and waking up. It’s not practical to hit exact times for each task, so stay within a small range and stick to the same routine. Even if the timing is off, the routine itself will trigger your child’s body to get ready for bed. It also helps to have a morning routine to train your child’s body to stay awake.

A floor bed helps your child transition to self-regulatory sleeping

Floor beds are crib-sized mattresses placed on the floor for children transitioning out of cribs and small children who don’t like sleeping high. The lowness to the ground eliminates the danger and fear of falling, giving your child more flexibility with their sleep and the option to take a nap when the school day is over. It’s a good furnishing option for a Montessori bedroom.

As your child grows, they’ll be more comfortable resting on a bed frame or bunk bed. For another easy transition from a floor bed to a bed frame, your child might be interested in low-height frames that lift the mattress two or so feet.

Montessori School of Agoura — Montessori Kindergarten in Agoura Hills 

Sleep is a critical part of supporting your child’s learning and developing brain function. By setting night and morning routines, you will promote your child’s academic and physical development.Montessori School of Agoura Hills was founded in 1979 to inspire lifelong learning in children ages 2 through 6 years old. Our child-led curriculum develops independence and confidence in children from their first class. Contact us to learn more about our Montessori kindergarten program in Agoura Hills.