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3 Easy Montessori Science Activities for Kindergartners

At Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills, science is one of many subjects that children take part in hands-on activities. Here are 3 science subjects that can be easily added to the classroom curriculum or used by parents at home. They all involve easy experiments and activities that require little or no preparation.

Montessori-Inspired Biology

Every trip outside is an opportunity for a little biology at Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills. Learning to name the different plants, animals, and insects is an adventure in itself, but kids can also delve deeper into biological sciences by learning the different parts of a flower, or explore the world through the origins of their favorite animals. The respect of our world and the life it contains is a central part of the Montessori Method. Learning about the other life that we share this planet with in Montessori preschool can keep children engaged and interested for a lifetime.

Montessori Kindergarten Astronomy

Drawing, naming, and exploring the solar system is an excellent Montessori-inspired activity suitable to any number of children from one to the entire class. This science activity spills over into other academic fields, such as language, reading and writing, math, and even a touch of ancient mythology. The moon is usually the first object in our solar system that kids learn about because it is our closest neighbor, but feel free to jump in anywhere between the sun and Pluto.

Physical Sciences in Montessori Kindergarten

Elementary physics, typically referred to as the physical sciences, includes things like learning the states of matter.  This simple activity requires a heat- and freeze-proof container filled no more than ¾ full of water. You will also need a freezer and a way to heat the water. The activity involves taking water to both extremes, first the freezer and then turning water into vapor over a heat source. Montessori-style science experiments with water are plentiful, and can be as easy or complicated as you like.

Attending Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills means days filled with hands-on activities that energize young muscles, stimulate minds, and teach eager minds a wealth of information on many subjects. Best of all, science is also an opportunity to include other academic subjects like math and language, or even learn practical skills that will last a lifetime.