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Activities to Teach Your Montessori Kindergartener About Thanksgiving

You can teach your student at the Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills about Thanksgiving through a variety of Montessori-approved activities at home. These activities can be done alone or with the family as an autumn festivity. Continue reading for ideas on how to engage your child this Thanksgiving holiday season.

Read about Thanksgiving together

There are countless books written about Thanksgiving with the goal of educating young minds. Your kindergartener will enjoy colorful books depicting how Thanksgiving came to be, and may also enjoy reading longer chapter books that dive a little deeper into the history. If your child struggles with reading, you can set aside time to read with them and help them through difficult words. Ask questions as you read together, so your child can build a solid understanding of the holiday and its symbolism. You can also save reading for after dinner and gather the family for a storytime session.

Make a game from the turkey baster and feathers

If your Thanksgiving gatherings tend to entertain large groups of children, you can make a game from the turkey baster and a few feathers. Simply use the turkey baster to blast puffs of air to a target feather, blowing it closer to a target or finish line. You can also use balloons instead of the turkey baster. For added fun, have adults participate and throw obstacles in the way of the finish line.

Practice gratitude through crafts

A thoughtful activity to teach gratitude, the heart of Thanksgiving, is starting a Gratitude Paper Chain. This simple activity only requires strips of paper, markers, and glue or tape or staples to show gratitude. Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, have your child write something they’re grateful for on the paper strip and add it as a new link on the chain. On Thanksgiving Day, have them and everyone who participated read through the chain and share what they’re thankful for.  

Cook a Thanksgiving meal together

Thanksgiving is traditionally centered around a large family gathering around a multi-course dinner. You can prepare your Thanksgiving dishes together and teach your kindergartener where the food comes from, and to share gratitude for the people who farmed and prepared the ingredients. At the same time, your child will strengthen their practical life skills, a major component of the Montessori tradition.

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