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Determining if Your Child is Ready for Montessori Kindergarten

Transitioning your child from preschool into Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills is a major milestone in their life. If they aren’t transitioning from a Montessori preschool or haven’t attended any preschool program, the schedule will be of an unfamiliar structure in which children spend their time directing their own learning. To determine whether your child is ready for kindergarten, below is some information to consider.

Have a candid discussion with the staff

The Montessori director and staff can be the deciding factor in knowing whether your child is ready for Montessori kindergarten. Discuss how the school functions, how the curriculum is laid out, and how children interact with each other in small and larger groups. You know your child best and can get a general feel for how they’d fit into a Montessori environment. 

Keep in mind that the Montessori method nurtures the innate curiosity of children. The self-driven format benefits all children and when applied at an authentic Montessori school, grow their appreciation of learning. Montessori kindergarten also blends together children ages 4.5 through 6 years old, giving children a diverse experience with classmates of various backgrounds and skills. The staff can go into further detail about how the mixed age classroom works and how your child might factor into it.

Reflect on your child’s skills

Montessori kindergarten is tailored for each child, but there are several skills that will greatly benefit your child. 

  • Accurately write their full name
  • Identify basic shapes, colors, letters, and numbers up to 10
  • Button up their clothes and use the restroom on their own
  • Sit quietly for 15 minutes to listen to a story
  • Follow simple instructions with several steps
  • Tell simple stories with a beginning and ending
  • Communicate with adults and children of similar age

Communication is one of the most important skills your child should have going into Montessori kindergarten. Are they able to take turns, share items, and listen to others without interrupting? Montessori kindergarten allows children more independence than preschool so children should be ready to self-regulate their behavior without much prompting from others.

Cut See if your child makes the cut-off date for kindergarten

September 1st is the cut-off date for your child to turn 4.5 years and enter Montessori kindergarten. If your child is younger, they can apply to kindergarten the following year. Kindergarten is a major step in your child’s academic career. By ensuring they have the basic skills and have reached basic developmental goals before sending them to kindergarten, you set them up for success. If your child isn’t quite ready for kindergarten, refrain from forcing them into a new environment. It’s best to send them out when they’re truly ready.

Montessori School of Agoura offers a combined Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten class for children 4.5 through 6 years old. Children are taught individually and progress at their own ability, unrestricted by age.

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The Montessori School of Agoura was founded in 1979 to inspire lifelong learning in children ages 2 through 6 years old. Our child-led curriculum develops independence and confidence in children from their first class. Contact us to learn more about our Montessori kindergarten program in Agoura Hills.