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Showing Gratitude in the Montessori Kindergarten Classroom

Gratitude is an essential aspect of early education at the Montessori kindergarten in Agoura Hills. Taught as an essential part of daily life, it’s also reinforced during the Thanksgiving and holiday seasons. Children are encouraged to reflect on their lives and all they’re grateful for, from their family and friends to their schooling. 

It’s important to recognize and give thanks

If children are getting their messaging from movies, shows, and commercials, they might have trouble seeing to the core of the holidays: appreciating the little things instead of receiving presents. At Montessori schools, they learn the holidays are about the positive emotions of giving thanks and savoring the warmth of being content with family and friends. Saying “thank you” is more than following the pattern of proper conversation, and is filled with self-aware meaning.

Treating others with respect is a form of gratitude

Part of learning gratitude is to treat people with respect, including using appropriate titles like Ms. and Mr. This is also part of the social etiquette part of the Montessori curriculum, which includes teaching children how to interact with their peers and teachers. To show gratitude toward others, they’ll learn the etiquette of passing objects, asking to borrow items, carrying on polite conversations, and treating others how they’d like to be treated.

Gratitude is a way of life, not only a lesson learned

The Montessori method teaches children to practice gratitude everywhere, not only in the classroom. Kindergarteners begin their mornings with polite greetings, go about their day practicing kindness and generosity, and finish the school day with goodbyes. In a traditional kindergarten, students might be taught gratitude and social etiquette as a one-time lesson, but in Montessori kindergarten, students are taught that gratitude is a continuous process.

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